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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two More Sleeps!

How excited are you for Christmas? I'll tell you, I am soooooo excited! I love that we still wake up at Moms and have coffee, open presents and spoil each other. I am really excited for all of the gifts I'm giving this year too! You will have to check back to find out what those are! ;)

Our tradition is pretty simple, yet busy. We'll be at Mom's for Wegielia (Spelling?) (Polish traditional Christmas) where we eat only fish or seafood and blessed foods. My sister is making a lot of it this year and if I can say only one thing about Laur, its that she knows her s*** when it comes to cooking. Always has. Like, for my uncles birthday (He turned 40 this year) she made a Daytona 500 Stadium Birthday Cake. (See Picture Below) Like, amazing. She's really good at other things but like I said, I'll say one thing about Laura.. for now :)

Tuesday I finally received my Gymboss Interval Timer and last night I used it for the first time. Holy cow! I did the Party Rock (Body Weight only) + Abs work out and wow. Lisa-Marie makes it look so easy! I was all over the place. I think the more I try those exercises, the better I will get at them, and the less I will have to focus on "how-to". Certainly not ready for my first video (props to those who are!! Sabrina & Bonnie!)

I am looking forward to beating my score (and becoming more organized....)

The other night I mentioned I might watch a sappy love-christmas movie but it turns out I just took in 3 episodes of our newest favourite comedy: Modern Family. Hilarious. Cam (top left) is certainly my fave. I hope he wins his SAG award!

Last night, mi novio and I went out and bought this:::

Woo!! I've wanted a Fox Fork for my bike ever since I saw the first one. So excited to try it out on the Trance. Since mi novio bought his Yeti I have been looking forward to using my latest hand-me -down bike... He is so generous to let me use his nice bikes. We are likely going for a nice bike ride later today to take advantage of the nice weather!

So I hope all of you have a FABULOUS Holiday weekend, I will be touching base afterwards to let you know how it went on this side, and hopefully to post a few more pics!


What's on your wish list this Christmas?
Do you have a family tradition you just love to come home to?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progress thus far

Hey Y'all!
(I am posting this on Thursday, but I'd wrote it on Tuesday, I just needed mi novio's camera bc he had pics I wanted to post (see below)... BUT there is more to come..!

So this "new" me!? Awesome. I have more energy, I am happier, but... one complaint.. I'm hungry!! First of all, YES, I am eating, and healthy! I'm cooking more and more frequently and taking as many tips from healthy-friends and of course Bodyrockers! I just feel like the diet thing needs some getting used to. I am sure my metabolism is up, but so is my boredom during my final week at work, so I'm trying to maintain these healthy eating habits as much as possible. Christmas is coming, and of course I knew taking a turn for the healthy-eating was going to be very difficult especially now, but so far so good. :) Determination is key!

As for my workouts I like doing a bunch of different things throughout the week. Spinning indoors, going for a nice 3-4k run, hot yoga and getting through my 100-work out are my most favourites right now!

So since I spoke with you last here's how my progress on becoming active has gotten:
Dec 6 - spinned for 1 hour (while watching Ohh la-la "Chocolat" *hear* Johnny Depp!! :)
Dec 7 - Hot yoga with my hunny, 1 hour
Dec 8 - Mediocre 100 Workout (See last post) with exercise modifications)
Dec 9 - Run! ~20 mins
Dec 10-11 - Relax days
Dec 12 - My first "Full" 100 -- but somehow I miss #80
Dec 13 - Walked the fields in the mud for 8 hours
14- 15 Very Busy .... Home very late... no excuses.. (I was tired... ... ... I know. . )
16th - Had amazing energy when I got home - went for 25min run (sprint 1/2 k) and did 20 situps/pushups/jump knees and 30 sec plank.. I think it was the tea I had at 4pm
17th - Had friends over and at a magnificent meal.. First time I ever made Risotto. MMmmm
18th - Hot yoga (holy crap -- soooo good, sweat ~1litre of water!)
19th - Last night, did another 100 work out (a full one!)

So if you read it, or not, you can see that I'm getting there. Even with a day-break or two I am still working out -- unlike how I thought! Mind over matter.

I ordered a Gymboss interval timer and when I get it I am going to start my HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) - My goal is 3-4 times a week - I've been watching (and mental-logging) the 12-workouts of Christmas with and I am hooked! Lisa-Marie is so inspiring and each time I watch I just crave to work out! Very awesome. One note: SHE MAKES THINGS LOOK REALLY EASY!!! I also started reading this girl's blog and I would love to try out her at-home work outs! She posted a great video that made me want to go snowboarding so bad! Unfortunately we're going to have a green Christmas I think :(!

Tonight I am going to ride my bike again while watching some sappy Christmas movie (likely, Love Actually (FAVE!) or The Holiday :) Key is, time goes by and the work out is awesome!

I just die when I watch this scene.. So sweet, yet so romantic :) (I'm a bit of a sap, I know ;) But who isn't at this time of year?

Do you have a favourite holiday movie?
What's your workout week look like?

Let me know!